For Other Professionals

Your clients come to you year after year. Often you serve the parents, and then the next generation as well. You are a trusted advisor. Almost a member of the family. They turn to you when they face difficult situations, such as the mental or physical decline of an elderly relative.

Sometimes with very complex situations, your client’s needs fall outside your professional training. In those circumstances, a geriatric care manager can be called in to bring gerontological expertise and a firm grasp of local resources for those clients who are struggling with elder care issues.

Give us a call at 949-716-1266 or email us. We’d be delighted to discuss ways that we can support you and your practice.

    For Financial Advisors

    You have helped your clients to financially prepare for their elder years. Now you can continue to retain their trust by suggesting expert guidance so that they can make loving and thoughtful decisions about elder care needs, for themselves or for a relative. Working together, we can make sure that your clients receive the services best suited to their individual preferences and resources.

    Contact us when you need:

    • Expert evaluation of an elder’s ability to live independently
    • Recommendations for appropriate care options (in home, assisted living or facilities)
    • Coordination of services from multiple providers
    • Knowledgeable advocacy with physicians, hospitals, facilities and insurers
    • On-going care management in collaboration with a bank trust officer, legal guardian or conservator
    • Facilitation of family meetings and communication with long-distance relatives
    • Quick response to urgent situations

    Our professional, objective yet caring assessments can help you increase client satisfaction and untangle tense family situations. Let’s talk! 949-716-1266.